April 22nd, 2023
Piestewa Peak Summit Trail
This is our 8th or 9th Fluor-Ascent event! The concept is to climb and conquer Piestewa Peak at night, all lit up. Interpret "lit" to your own liking, but most of us will be decked out in lights of all kinds.
The vision is to have a bunch of strangely lit things all over the mountain so people on SR-51 see us and are in awe at the splendid beauty.
So grab your headlamps, string lights, flashlights, strobelights, lasers, laser cats, laser sharks, blacklights, leds, el wire, or cell phone lights if you got 'em, and strap them on. Remember, although this is not a forest, the desert plants are still burnable, so let's do Smokey a favor, and forget the FIRE.

We're meeting at the bottom of the Piestewa Peak Summit Trail at about 6:30pm, and we will start the ascent shortly after 7:00. To get there, take the Lincoln Drive Exit off of SR-51, and turn north on Squaw Peak Drive. Keep driving straight, and you'll enter the mountain preserve area. Park wherever there is available parking, and meet at the picnic ramada in the first parking area on the left as you enter the park.

This is a short, but steep hike, so be sure to wear hiking/athletic shoes. Some like to call this hike a stair-master. There is a lot of steps up and then back down. The hike is approximately 1.2 miles, and can take two hours if we pace ourselves. Be smart, bring water.

Again, bring your cameras, you never know where the pantless hiker will be lurking.
Tag your photos with fluorascent if you are a flickr user.