Yes, there are rules.
  1. Each team must consist of 5 members and a shopping cart. All members must be at least 21 years of age. At all times, 4 people must be attached to and running with the cart. The fifth person needs to be in, on, or pushing the cart. You can switch positions if you'd like during the race, but you will always have to have all five members attached to or touching the cart. You choose who does what. We encourage all riders to wear a bike helmet, especially if they will be riding *IN* the cart. All 5 members of the team must be in some sort of physical contact with the cart at all times other than when it is stopped (checkpoints, challenges, etc.)
  2. Any regular shopping cart is acceptable. Children-sized and toy carts are not.
  3. You are responsible for your own cart. A bike lock might be a good idea. It would be very hard to win if you can't find your cart after a checkpoint.
  4. You can make modifications to your shopping cart with restrictions.

    1. All race carts need to ride on the original 4 hard rubber caster wheels it was made with. You can not substitute any other kind of wheels such as pneumatic or anything else.
    2. Every bit and piece of your cart must be accounted for. You can cut your race cart apart, but every single piece needs to be reattached somewhere on your cart.
    3. You cannot make a cart that is designed to inflict pain or otherwise pose a hazard to other racers.
    4. Your cart cannot be motorized. It has to be 100% human powered.
    5. You can grease the wheels, add platforms, etc.
  5. You must follow all traffic laws. Do not run red lights. Do not go the wrong way down one way streets. Yield to all pedestrians. Further, be polite when you are at the checkpoints and pitstops. There will be people there that aren't having as much fun as you, and will resent you for spilling your fun on them.
  6. You cannot push other teams into traffic or pedestrians. This race is about fun, not about lawsuits. Any team causing pedestrians or other teams to be put into harm's way will be disqualified.
  7. Your entire team must remain at each checkpoint for the full 20 minutes. We will not tell you when your 20 minutes is up, but don't try to leave before telling the marshall. If your team isn't clocked in *AND* clocked out, you may end up disqualified.
  8. Shenanigans are allowed, but if your skull-duggery causes any serious physical injuries, you will be disqualified. If you get caught fighting or scuffling with other teams, you will be disqualified. If the police see you fighting, you'll probably be arrested.
  9. Team members must be on foot at all times. No bikes, scooters, rollerblades, skateboards, rollerskates, etc. are allowed. We shouldn't have to mention it, but no other sort of transportation can be used either. (No pickup trucks, etc).
  10. After the race, you must take your shopping cart away and dispose of it properly. This might mean returning it to a parking lot where it can hang out with its family. That would be a good idea.
  11. Any team caught using any sort of human or animal biological waste will be immediately ejected from the event and every member of that team will be permanantly banned from ever participating again. This applies to "unofficial" team members as well. Don't have your friend do something for you in order to avoid getting booted!
  12. Anything that will cause personal harm to living creatures (fellow participants, plants, etc.) are hereby prohibited. Basically, we're talking about spray paint, expanding foam (great-stuff), spray glue and stuff like that. If getting it in your eyes will win you a trip to the hospital, or getting it in your hair will win you a trip to the barber, leave it at home.
  13. Bar Checkpoints will now have designated "Cart Corrals", an area near the bar in which your team will leave your cart. If your cart is not within the designated area when checking in, you will be penalized.
  14. If you have alcohol with you along the race, keep it discreet, AND DO NOT bring into Bars/Restaurants. If you're caught bringing alcohol into the bar, you will be disqualified.
  15. If you purchase a drink at the Bar/Restaurant, DO NOT take your drink outside the entrance of the Bar/Restaurant. We all know not do this, so just don't do it, otherwise you will be disqualified from the race. These Bars/Restaurants are gracious enough to host us and give you guys specials, so we don't need them to lose their liquor license over something stupid you did. Plus, we want to be invited back in the future.
  16. Don't be a douche!! People put lots of time into designing their carts/costumes. Don't destroy these art pieces. Don't get physical (unless it's the kind that usually takes place in bed). Don't do something stupid that leads to us having to create more rules.
  17. Finally, this *is* a race, in that there will be a winner. Really though, we're all here to have some fun on an otherwise boring Winter Saturday. Do not break any laws, and do not cause any harm to yourself or to any others. It's all about getting out there, getting silly, falling on your ass and laughing. We do not expect you to remain sober. Indeed, we expect people will get a bit knackered throughout the race. There are no prizes for drunkeness, but it could be pretty damn funny. We absolutely hate the idea of people getting in their motor vehicles while drunk, so don't even think about doing that.
  18. There will be referees along the route to disqualify cheaters. Nobody likes a cheater. Seriously, that's how feelings get hurt, fights start, lovers cheat, and great-grandparents roll over in their graves. Don't cheat and don't hurt anybody and you'll have a great time!